Payment & Transfer

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Payment and Transfer


Within three business days of purchasing an item, you must submit the full purchase price, plus any applicable taxes (Read More.. and a Transaction Fee (described in Fees).

After you purchase an item, IronPlanet®; provides instructions on submitting your payment into the secure bank account assigned to your transaction. 

Wire transfers are the recommended and fastest payment method. A wire transfer eliminates the waiting period to receive funds typically associated with checks.

A secure bank account is used for two reasons:

  1. To assure you that you don't pay the seller for equipment before receiving it and finalizing the transaction; and
  2. To assure sellers that they will receive full payment upon your receipt and acceptance of the equipment.

Once full payment from the buyer has posted into the secure bank account assigned to the transaction, IronPlanet will notify the buyer and seller alike that the money has been deposited. At this point the buyer will be provided with the location of the equipment and the seller must release the equipment for shipment. After the item reaches the buyer and is accepted, IronPlanet will authorize the secure bank account to release the funds to the seller.

Title Transfer and Vehicle Registration

Unless otherwise noted, IronPlanet will send the title to you within 15 business days of the close of the auction. Your title will be forwarded via a delivery source that will allow you to track your package (Federal Express or some other service). Title inquiries should be sent to

IronPlanet provides vehicle buyers with a transferable title but we do not generally provide registration services. However, as a Florida licensed Vehicle Dealer, IronPlanet does offer registration services through the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for vehicles bought by residents of these states. (see: Frequently Asked Questions).

Need more assistance?

You can always speak with an IronPlanet Customer Care Agent who will help you with any question you may have. They can be reached at 888-433-5426, Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST.