Exporting from Canada

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Exporting From Canada

Arranging your own transportation?

Here are some general guidelines on exporting your item from Canada:

  1. Before Purchase
    1. Consult with your transportation provider if they are handling your customs documentation or a customs broker
    2. Verify the export eligibility of the item to its intended destination with Canada’s Export Control List and Area Control List
  2. After Purchase
    1. Obtain a Business Number (BN) for an import/export account from the Canada Revenue Agency
    2. Determine if the item qualifies under a trade agreement and the tariffs and duties (IronPlanet can supply the NAFTA documentation at a minimal charge)
    3. Complete CBSA Form B13A (Canadian Export Declaration)
  3. At the Border
    1. IronPlanet Commercial Invoice
    2. Special Packing/Marking List
    3. Bill of Lading that is provided by your transportation provider
    4. Completed CBSA Form B13A

Canada / USA Customs Made Easy

Customs Brokerage Service from IronPlanet & VeriTread

Buying equipment based in Canada couldn't be easier. We've partnered with VeriTread a leader and innovator in heavy-haul transport, to provide an easy, affordable customs and transportation solution.

Standard customs requests are a $187 flat fee.

VeriTread offers a fully integrated customs brokerage process, whether you're shipping to or from Canada. You’ll get expert guidance and documentation management all in an automated process at checkout.

For a free consultation and estimate please contact:

1-800-880-0468   or  Canada@VeriTread.com