How to Buy

We Have Four Ways to Buy Big on SalvageSale

Sealed Auction

Unreserved sealed bid- specified bid amounts are not published, but ranked. Bidders can place multiple bids until the close of the auction.  Sealed offer-   buyers place a sealed offer on their desired unit of purchase. Sellers then have up to 5 days after the item closes to select the winning offer.

Make an Offer

Submit your best offer for an item and the seller can accept it, decline it, or make a counter offer.

Buy Now

Need equipment now? With a wide selection of equipment, buyers can buy what they need immediately at competitive fixed prices

Online Auctions

Our auction items are sold in a traditional unreserved auction, where the auction opens and closes at a set time. However, any item that recieves a bid within the last two minutes of closing is automatically extended by two more minutes.

Register to Start Buying

Register. It's easy, just enter your email address here.

Request buying privileges and sign-up at the same time. You'll need these so you are ready to buy or bid at any moment.

After signing-up, set up your  My Account page. If you are a reseller or have a sales tax exemption, file your certificate now and get through checkout faster!

Insider tips from the pros
  • Place PriorityBids. Can't be online when an auction is closing? Place a PriorityBid! Submit your maximum bid and our system will bid the lowest amount required for you to win up to your max. Another reason to place a PriorityBid? In the case of a tie, the first PriorityBid placed wins!
  • Add items to your Watch List & get alerts. Add a specific item to your Watch List and you'll get alerts when the item is accepting bids and before it closes so you won't miss it!
  • Create Saved Searches. Want to be the first to know when we get new inventory? Save your searches and get alerts when matching items are added to our inventory.
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