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Seller Supplied Information:

The unit sustained damage after being involved in an accident and was considered loss on 04/05/2018. 5 containers worth of machinery parts were sent to Thailand but the other two containers did not make it to Thailand due to the sixth container being involved in a road accident. The sixth container contained the crucial part (the calendar) to what was going to be a textile machine which would have been built in Thailand. Note: 3 of the 4 items were damaged during transit and 1 item was not damaged.

The full extent of any damage is unknown and the current operating condition of the unit has not been verified by IronPlanet.

All items need to be removed by 8/29/18.

Click on link below for Damages & Specs of equipment.

The loading fee will depend on what the type of Container or flat rack is supplied. Would estimate $2,000 - $2,500

This item is sold AS IS WHERE IS with all faults and no warrant


Inspection Report


1. Calendar: By Eduard Kusters, # 310-05701-01
2. Take-up Frame; Label affixed: Fitesa NA/# 251 1060/P
3. Oil Heater/Pump (Labelled: HOCH-TEMPERTUR-TECHNIK GMBH Postfach 1922 D-4900 Herford- Fax 05221/38512 Komm.Nr. 1 910783 Bei Ersatztielbestellung bitte angeben
4. Additional cylinder for the calendar

The product made on this line was a nonwoven (made from PP resin) in the average weight of 30-80 gsm (gram per square meter) used as packaging material as well as agricultural material (i.e. cropcovers).

Items are currently being stored outside but are tarped. Buyer can load themselves provided they issue certificate of general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 naming RTE as additional insured and are self sufficient to manage all aspects to include crane, labor, lashing materials etc.

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