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Inspection Report

Model Description
Description Details
102 Drums of White Peach Puree. 180kg Net weight/Drum, 195kg Gross weight/Drum, Total Net Weight 18.36MT

Year of Crop: 2021
Origin: China
Production Date: July 16, 2021
Best Before Date: July 15, 2023

This puree is recommended to be frozen stored for the preservation of organoleptic quality especially the colour, for extended periods of time but it’s microbiologically stable at ambient temps due to asceptic packing.

Since it was not frozen stored it was rejected by the consignee despite laboratory analysis stating that, "the product is deemed to be still of good quality with little or no impact from the temporary ambient temperature exposure".

The product is now stored at -18degC.

The location can load the drums free of charge, either loose or on pallets. Please advise the location in advance.

General Appearance
Description Rating Details  
Hour Meter / Odometer 0 Not Available - No guarantees made as to actual hours/miles/kilometers; the inspection report reflects what can be visually observed.