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4 x Tinus Olsen Universal Test Machines came into contact with clean water in a leak at the insured's premises on 31st Jan 2022.


Inspection Report

Serial Numbers: 0065, 0443, 0478, 0495. The years of the machines are unknown though they are said to be pre 2012.

These machines are connected to a water chiller that is situated on the roof of the building. 2 chiller houses became detached. The machines were covered in water for approx 30 mins. They were powered on at the time of the incident though not in use. Please see the attached photos and videos for a visual indication of condition. A tinus engineer tried to power them up and found issues.

Please also see the Damage Report in the Documentation section of this listing.

No PCs, manuals or software are included in the sale. Cables and controllers are however present.

Buyer to arrange collection. The location advise that, apart from unplugging from general mains by 3 pin plug and disconnecting from water, there isn’t much decommissioning required and the machines can be moved as is. The machines are in a ground level lab with good access.

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General Appearance #13 Click here to open photos and videos of this item.  
General Appearance #13 Click here to open photos and videos of this item.  

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