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The unit sustained damage on 12/20/2019. It has been reported that this guitar is in excellent working condition. This is a brand new guitar that was custom painted and aged by Tim Murphy. The damage to this guitar is limited to the rear strap button. During shipping the guitar experience some type of impact that cause the strap button to be pushed into the body or the guitar about an 8th of an inch. Looking at the pictures you can see that it is slightly off center and the varnish has been cracked. There is no other damage to the guitar.. This unit is being sold as part of an insurance claim. The full extent of any damage is unknown and the current operating condition of the unit has not been verified by IronPlanet.

The item can be shipped. The buyer must provide a Fed Ex or UPS label or account number.

This item is sold AS IS WHERE IS with all faults and no warranties expressed or implied.


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