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Jul 29, time TBD
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Seller Supplied Information:

The unit sustained collision damage on 06/21/2022. It has been reported that control panel was hit. The power panel doors do not close and are damaged beyond repair. none of the controls look like they are damaged and the VFDs still look ok , but rainwater can now get in. The control transformer and oil separator looks like a forklift ran their forks under control panel and knocked transformer loose and sideways and also pushed the oil seperator sideways and crushed in the sound enclosure of compressor. The refrigerant lines in and out of oil separator show paint flaking like it twisted to some degree, the oil heater is damaged and will need replaced. The mounting feet for oil separator will need replaced. The power wires to the transformer are ripped loose. The power wires out of the power panel to the compressor have been broken loose and possible damaged. The right power panel mounting plate is bowed. The the main base rail is bowed and bends to upright support. The other side half way down has a bend in the base rail and security grill damaged. This unit is being sold as part of an insurance claim.

The current operating and/or physical condition of the unit has not been verified by IronPlanet.

This unit is sold AS IS WHERE IS with all faults and no warranties expressed or implied.


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