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Product description:
Grade: SA 90
Color 100Weight: 500 kg.
DOM: 02/12/2021

Seller Supplied Information:

The Resins sustained fire damage on 02/09/2022. It has been reported that sixteen (16) totes were visibly intact. Smoke soot was noted on the exterior, and some had penetrated onto the resin inside; however, minimal. The Resins appeared to be visibly flowing and intact. The small portion with smoke soot can be scooped out. Four (4) totes were damaged and melted, spilling product and were disposed of. These totes were unable to be unloaded and stored. There 16 totes total remaining. The resin is being sold as part of an insurance claim.

Due to the brand protection clause, the Certificate Of Analysis will not be released by the manufacturer.

Below are some general properties relative to a wide range of materials which could be used for this material:

Polyphenylene ether resin purity > 98%
Copper < 8 ppm
Residual Toluene < 2000 ppm

***Please See Seller Supplied Brand Protection Agreement Docs Attached in the Documentation Section Below.***

The current physical condition of the Resins has not been verified by IronPlanet.

This Resins are sold AS IS WHERE IS with all faults and no warranties expressed or implied.


Inspection Report

General Appearance
Description Rating Details  
Hour Meter / Odometer 0 Not Available - No guarantees made as to actual hours/miles/kilometers; the inspection report reflects what can be visually observed.