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Apr 21, time TBD
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Seller Supplied Information:

The calcium feldspar was expose to a contaminant in 9/2019. It has been reported that the material originated in Greenland and was shipped to Savannah last September, where it was stored and bagged into 3,000 lb bags. Each bag was marked with the weight of the contents. During the unloading of the vessel, the material was contaminated with gravel from the road outside of the warehouse. The calcium feldspar is no longer pure calcium feldspar with particle sizes no greater than 20 mesh size. Rescreening of this material would probably bring it back to most of its original form. Only adjustments +/- 3% will be considered with certified weight tickets. This unit is being sold as part of an insurance claim. The full extent of any damage is unknown and the current condition of the material has not been verified by IronPlanet.

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